The Settlement

The Settlement's Vision

 Kfar Retamim was founded on three main principles:
Settlement of the Negev – we are part of the regional council "Ramat Negev" which covers about 20% of the State of Israel but only 4,500 residents live in this area! Hence, of course, there is a need to strengthen the Jewish settlement here.

A tolerant settlement– Kfar Retamim is an Orthodox religious community, but beyond that it is not constrained and deliberately. We want families from all religious spectrums to come to our settlement so that we could build our lives together in the community by accepting the different, being tolerant and open.
We see a great importance (and invest efforts and resources) in creating an infrastructure for a spiritual life. Among other things, we have regular Torah lessons and are looking forward to the appointment of a Rav to our settlement.

Community Involvement – we see great importance in our settlement's involvement and support of our immediate community and also outside of  it. In the first years of our settlement we took an active part in the absorption center at Kibbutz Tlalim (Moadonit for the older population and activities around the holidays).

We see our community growing and reaching a large number of families – mostly of professionals but also including fields of agriculture.

We see great importance in our integration both socially and actively in the "Ramat Negev" Council by doing various activities and carrying out various council positions

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