Integration Process

The process of Absorption

 Step 1: Give us a call  0506231063

 Step 2:  Show up for a tour of the settlement

 Step 3: Come and spend a Shabbat at Retamim

 Step 4: Absorption committee visits the candidates' home

 End of the internal process of absorption

 Step 5: A day at the classifying institute

 Step 6:  Inter institutional committee

 End of absorption process

Details regarding Absorption

 The process within the settlement

A family that wants to hear about the community and the possibility of living here should contact the absorption committee for basic information and come to an initial tour of the community to hear and see what it's like up close.
Then the family will be hosted for a Shabbat where they will meet the members of the community. After the enjoyable Shabbat, representatives of the Absorption Committee will visit at your home to answer your questions and any obstacles that come up  before making the decision whether to join the settlement.
If the family and the community choose to continue the process of absorption, the family continues to process outside of the settlement.

The process outside the settlement

Institute – hosted by the Settlement Division and director of the Israel Lands Administration, every family has to pass an interview with a psychologist in external Institute. Results go directly to the Institute of the Settlement Division.

Our settlement cooperates with the Kenan Fee Institute which has branches in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Be'er Sheva.

Interview – The final step is an interview before Institution's board whose members are a representative from the Ministry of Housing, a from Or movement from the Settlement Division, from the regional council and from the Community Integration Committee.

This board is the only authority for the settlement of families.

After you finish the interview – you will receive an official reply by mail, and then all you have to do is pack and move…

It is important to emphasize:

  • Every step of the process (both internally and externally) is essential to the community, and especially for the family.
  • The average time for the absorption process is between one to two months.
  • After living a year in the settlement, the family can be accepted as a members of the settlement.


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