1. Settlement – Our main goal is settlement of  the Negev, by increasing the volume of the  Jewish community in the region
    Kfar Retamim belongs to the Ramat Negev  Regional Council, this Council oversees 20% of Israel's territory. In this area, except for military bases, there are thirteen towns and kibbutzim but only 4,500 Jewish residents. Hence, the importance of strengthening the Negev and encouraging immigration of Jewish settlers from the center of the country to the south.
  2. Social Activity – involvement in society and volunteer work
    We expect that our social activity will be an important element and part of our lives. We aspire to be socially involved, by giving and helping and by doing so act both within and outside the community. During the last three years members of our community gave extensive support at the absorption center in Tlalim and were involved in the social and cultural fields in the region.
  3. Diverse religious community                                                                    We see a great importance in bringing various shades of the religious population to live together. We aspire to live in harmony in the spirit of the Torah, while maintaining respect for the individual's wishes.

So how did it all begin?

The idea for a new settlement crystallized in 2000 in Atzmona, a  pre – Military establishment where a few students dreamed of establishing a new settlement in the Negev. After completing their army service,  twenty couples went ahead with the idea. This nucleus was directed by the State to a dismantled kibbutz but due to cumbersome bureaucracy the establishment of the new community did not go through. The members of the first nucleus did not despair and in 2006 eight families  (one child) moved to a temporary camp on Kibbutz Tlalim (15 minutes away from Retamim) and lived in dilapidated trailers, living as an independent unit for three years.
In the summer of 2009, ten years after setting the target – the dream became finally became a reality!
Today Kfar Retamim is a strong and leading settlement in the Negev offering an excellent education, a warm community and a great vision to build and populate the Negev.

As of early 2015 about Ninety families and over Two hundred children reside in the settlement.

In the Settlement:

  • pre-schools
  • playgrounds
  • synagogue
  • post office
  • secretarial
  • club games
  • lots of shaded green areas
  • Community Action Committees:
  • absorption
  • development
  • religious
  • cultural
  • educational
  • social
  • newspaper

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